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Most of us have a stash of books, journals, or sticky notes that we go to that serve as encouraging reminders of who God is, who we are in him, how we are worthy NOW (that’ll preach) along with our affirmations for pursuing life goals.

I wanted to share a couple of my “go-tos” below in hopes that they will add some joy, motivation, and encouragement to your day. They are downloadable so you can take them with you!

Reminders of God’s Promises

When life gets rough and unpredictable, reminding ourselves of God’s promises is a great way to encourage ourselves to remain focused and trusting of God’s word. I’ve attached some scriptures here that have been very helpful for me and wanted to share them with you. Download the pdf here.

5 Ways to R.E.S.E.T.

Have you ever encountered a moment in your day when you needed to take a break and step back? In this guide, R.E.S.E.T. is an acronym for 5 tips that have helped me navigate through intense moments of decision making and mental and emotional processing. Download the pdf here.

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