I Am Taking My Life Back Blog: Part III: Overcoming Negative Thinking

Today’s topic is indeed one that I must share in FULL transparency. It is entitled “Overcoming Negative Thinking” because it is process that I am continuing to pursue day by day. Someone may ask, “Why are you writing about something that you’re still working on?” Honestly, I feel as we navigate life, there will always … Continue reading I Am Taking My Life Back Blog: Part III: Overcoming Negative Thinking

Anxious Ambitions

There I was, sitting at my dining room table in tears, wondering what I was going to do. I was depressed and extremely overwhelmed with worry, fear, and regret. Let me take you on a journey in hopes that it will encourage you to always seek God about your goals and make sure that you … Continue reading Anxious Ambitions

It is okay to FEEL!!!

Watching the new details unfold about the killings of Ahmaud and Breonna gave me chills. The video of George Floyd’s murder certainly triggered something in me. I even began to have nightmares. I asked myself, “What is it that triggered me?” Was it watching him cry out for his mom? Was it how their souls … Continue reading It is okay to FEEL!!!


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