S.E.L.F.I.E. Check by Jas began in February 2014 as an idea for a weekly radio show, I was in grad school and pretty overwhelmed with work, school, and life. One day, while looking at “SELFIES” in my phone, I immediately felt this conviction. While I was smiling and happy in the picture, it was the complete opposite of how I felt within. I took a moment to check in with myself and curious about those thoughts and feelings. That’s when it hit me, “SELFIE Check”, a time to pause and take self-inventory of how we’re REALLY doing. The show created a space where we could check in, get motivated, and be encouraged to be intentional about our personal growth and goals.

After stopping the show in December 2014, I stepped out on faith in June 2020 to officially relaunch the show as a blog. Today, S.E.L.F.I.E. Check by Jas has evolved to encompass that vision and much more. My relationship with God has been the foundation of my faith, growth, confidence, and resilience. I incorporate many of those life-lessons into the framework here to encourage and inspire others to keep going. How God transformed my vision from a radio show, to a blog, and business where I can thrive in my gifts and creativity is something that only HE gets the glory for! My advice to anyone is to be open to God for how He wants to transform your plans. His way is always better!

About the Owner

Jasmine Lafayette, affectionately known by family and friends as Jas, is a native of Metcalfe, MS where she discovered her passion for helping and serving others came about through community engagement, volunteering alongside city, county, and state officials, and in various capacities within ministry.

Jasmine obtained a B.A. in Political Science/Pre-Law from Alcorn State University, M.S. in Social Justice and Criminology from Delta State University, and a Masters of Public Administration, along with Certificates in Human Resources and Leadership, from Belhaven University. Currently, she is a 3rd year doctoral student in the Christian Leadership Program at Liberty University.

With almost 8 years of experience in Law Enforcement and Emergency Management, she has served as a Law Enforcement Telecommunicator, Communications Training Officer, an Incident Tactical Dispatcher, Simulations Facilitator, and Training Interventionist, with several commendations for her dedication and leadership.

As a Certified Master Life Coach, Jasmine has been able to utilize all of her experiences and skills to empower her clients and audiences to break-free from their limitations and show up as their FULL, authentic self.

Currently, Jasmine is Corner to Corner’s Academy Recruitment Director and recently helped to recruit and graduate the largest cohort of Black entrepreneurs yet! She works with dozens of entrepreneurs to help them take that first step toward starting the business of their dreams and thriving on their own terms.

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